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Ezt a forgatókönyvet a StoryboardThat. Hey sister, I don't know how to feel about my weight. What's wrong doctor?

Ohh noo! I didn't expect this.

About sharing Image source, Thinkstock A "worryingly high" number of children with type 1 diabetes have warning signs of long-term health complications, including blindness, a report says.

Why is diabetes such a growing problem in the United States? Diabetes is a growing problem in the United States because of increasing body weight, there's just no doubt about it because the size of a body increases, project on diabetes you get fatter and fatter, you become more and more resistant to insulin, you're no longer responding to insulin in a normal way.

I didn't know that diabetes is such a big deal.

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Thank you. I learned something new. Yes, I feel the same way.

Warning over young diabetics' health

I have no idea. Let's do some research!

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I wonder how are being overweight and obesity linked to diabetes? What did you find out being overweight and obesity linking to diabetes?

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Well it's interesting that being overweight or obese increases the chances of developing the common type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes. In this disease, the body makes enough insulin but the cells in the body have become resistant to the salutary action of insulin. Több mint 20 millió Storyboards jött létre.

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